How to Stay Hydrated and Improve your Singing Voice

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You’ve probably heard before that you should keep your voice hydrated in order to sing better. I myself have been told that by everyone of my vocal coaches growing up and it is true – staying properly hydrated makes a huge difference in the ability of your voice such as improving agility, your ability to sing high pitches, and how quickly your voice gets tired when you sing.

The problem often is that you will remember to drink water once someone tells you but then forget the next day and go back to your old routine. Today I will share some habits I use to stay hydrated as well as some tips you can use to monitor if you are hydrated enough.

Improve singing by hydrating your voice
Use these tricks to stay hydrated and improve your voice.

How Much Water Should I Drink to Stay Hydrated?

The general rule of thumb is to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day but I find that measurement to be very unspecific -is it a teacup sized glass or one of those big pints you get at a bar?

I recommend that you use this online water calculator. It is fun an easy to use: You just type in your weight and the scroll the wheel to add the liquids you had for the day. It will then tell you if you had enough liquids for the day and what your normal level of hydration should be. It has a fun graphic of a body that fills up with water to show if you are “filled up” or need to drink more.

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Once you know your optimal hydration level for the day you can start measuring it out. I like to carry a water bottle with me wherever I go. They usually have to volume on the bottle so it is easy to calculate how many of those bad boys you should be drinking to stay hydrated.

Please remember that staying hydrated is not about measuring your intake of fluids to the drop (pun intended). It should not be stressful but it is rather a guideline to make sure that you drink enough water, because most of us drink way less than we should (p.s. the picture above was my water intake for the day).



Hydrations Habits for Singers

Follow these habits to make sure you stay hydrated.

Drink a BIG Glas of Water in the Morning

Hydration habits are all about getting off to the right start and that means first thing in the morning! I like to bring a big glass of water with me when I go to bed and chug it first thing when I wake up.

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Don’t be Scared to Monitor the Color of Your Pee

Yes I know it’s a bit weird to be talking about but it’s true: If your catch your urine being the color of apple juice or beer it means that you are not getting enough fluids.

So, make it a habit to check the color somewhere midday and it should be a quick reminder to drink more water. Color wise I always aim for something the shade of transparrent yellow or a “straw” color.


Watch out for Dehydrating Beverages

You’ve probably heard how drinking salt water will only make you more thirsty and dehydrate you. It’s the same with sugary drinks. The amount of sugar draws water out of your cells instead of hydrating your body.

Try keeping score of how many sugary drinks you have throughout your day. If you have juice in the morning, a sugary sports drink with your lunch, and soda with your meal in the evening it might be a good idea to switch one, or all, with a glass of water instead.


Drink Water on a Schedule

If you are having a hard time remembering to drink water it might be a good idea to schedule specific times in the day where you hydrate.

Personally, I usually drink water in the morning right when I wake up, a big glass when I get to work and with every meal.


I hope these tips were helpful in making sure that you keep your body, and voice, hydrated. Please share your hydration habits in the coments. I would love to hear about them so I can start doing them as well 🙂

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    There is a problem with my singing that when ever I sing I sing in different voices I means I usually change my scale. So what should I do? How do I stay at one voice?

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