Singing Goals for the New Year

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Hello Singing Geeks! The new year has just started and I thought this would be a great time to help you set some new goals for your singing this year. Let’s do it!


You can watch the video to get inspired for singing goals or keep reading. 


So what does it mean to set singing goals? Just like any other thing that you work on improving, you will be much more successful if you set some goals that will help you stay motivated.

This especially important with singing because we tend to have a lot of fun singing along with our favorite songs, but to improve our craft we must actively work on something specific to grow. With this in mind, I have created this guide to help you set some singing goals.


Look at How Far You Have Come Already

Whenever I set new goals I like to start by looking at what I have already accomplished. It gives you a boost of self confidence to see that you have actually already  done something to improve as a singer.

To realize what you’ve already achieved as a singer, grab a pen and paper and write it down. These things always feel more real when you write them down. You can use the printable that I’ve made for you here, or just write in your own diary.

2018 look back 2019 goals

Here are some examples of what you might have accomplished already as a singer:

  • Learned a song from beginning to end
  • Practiced with vocal exercise tracks
  • Worked on specific technique like breathing, resonance, or pitch
  • Started singing with karaoke tracks
  • Done a performance
  • Subscribed to a blog, youtube channel, or other to improve with lessons
  • And many many more 🙂


Hopefully now you’ve realized that you have actually already taken action to improve as a singer.  You have it in you to improve your craft. Now you just have to think about what you want to get better at and set some goals that are actionable and attainable.

An example of a goal that might not be so attainable is “Winning American Idol”. It sounds amazing, but that is a very hard goal that could ultimately make you feel defeated and stressed out. Try to find something that you feel is doable in 2019.


Think About Your Ultimate Goal as a Singer

To help you set goals, it might be helpful to think about what your ultimate goals is as a singer. I actually always ask this when I begin working with a new student so that I know what they want to work on. If you sing because you want to have fun your goals might not be the same as someone who wants to become a professional singer.

Ask yourself: Why am I singing? Is it something I do for myself because it’s fun? Do I want to perform live? Do I want to record songs? Do I want to learn a new song? Or would I like to improve something technical with my voice? These are good things to think about before writing down your singing goals for 2019.

Free writing (writing your immediate thoughts) has always helped me. I’ve made a printable that you can use here.

Free Writing goals for singers

Set Your Singing Goals for 2019!

Ok, you’ve done the groundwork to know where you are at and to find out what you really want as a singer. Now it’s time to write down your singing goals for 2019. I’ve written down some examples of my singing goals through the years below. Here, is the printable for writing down your goals. It’s the second half of the page.

Technical Goals

  • Learn a new song from beginning to end that I can sing with a karaoke track without reading the lyrics
  • Work on singing breathing to support my voice and sing longer phrases.
  • Work on my head voice to be able to sing higher with ease
  • Work on my resonance to build power
  • Practice ear training to help with improvisation and pitch
  • Practice with vocal tracks to improve the agility of my voice
  • Practice on mixing my head and chest voice to improve the agility of my voice

Performance Goals

  • Find someone to jam with, e.g a guitar player or a piano player (maybe you will even start to write songs together)
  • Sign up for an open mic in my area – this is such a good goal that I have set myself many times. A great way to take the step towards performing. I know it’s scary but you will be so happy that you did it 🙂
  • Learn to play some chords on piano so that I can accompany myself
  • Go to a karaoke night and perform a songs that you have practiced at home
  • Practice performing in front of a mirror.
  • Take acting classes to improve your performance. Depending on who you are these can be rough but at the end of the day just the sheer experience of getting out of your comfort zone will help you as a performer. Trust me. I once had to act like I was talking to a withering plant. It was so uncomfortable but after that I was a lot less shy about going on stage.


You can use this printable to write down your goals or just use your diary. Please share your goals in the comments of this post. I would love to know about them and get inspired. Happy New Year!


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New Year singing goals

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