In the online vocal lessons we will focus on something specific that you would like to work on in your voice. Examples of topics could be:

  • Extending your range
  • Strengthening your head voice
  • Projecting your voice
  • Getting rid of voice “cracks”
  • Breathing technique
  • Building a good warm-up routine
  • And much more… Actually anything you would like because this lesson is all about you πŸ™‚


Before Signing Up

Skype lessons are a great way to learn from home and they work well with the propper setup. You can get the latest version of skype for free here:


Before signing up, please check that you have the following:

  • Good internet connection.
  • A device to skype through. A regular computer works great, or even your phone. Usually they pick-up the sound sufficiently for me to hear your voice. You can always try the Skype “test call” in the app to check the sound and image quality of your device.
  • A second device that you can play your karaoke tracks from and read your song lyrics from.

Extra recommendations. (These are not needed but they are helpful for your learning).

  • A mirror so that you can see yourself and monitor your posture, breathing, mouth shape etc.
  • Location where you can sing freely. If possible, I recommend that you find a space where you are comfortable enough to sing at the top of your lungs πŸ™‚
  • Lyric stand. You can hold the lyrics in your hand but it is helpful to have a place to sit them down so your hands are free.


Lesson Rate



Signup Form

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More Information

In Case of Cancellation

Please let me know no later than 24 hoursΒ in advance if you have to schedule a make-up lesson. Any later notice and the lesson will be lost. If I am forced to cancel our lesson, I will inform you in advance so that we can reschedule. If we should experience problems with the internet connection during the lesson we will also reschedule for the time missed.

Payment Method

Once we have decided on a time for your lesson you will receive an invoice from Singgeek via PayPal. The invoice is due before the lesson takes place and it is possible to pay it without a PauPal account.


If you have any questions please add them in the “Additional information or questions” box in the submissions form.


I am looking forward to geeking out on your voice – Ronja Petersen